About us

About us

Yavuz Biyomedikal serves as the representative of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical gas systems needed for hospitals, medical centers, IVF centers and laboratories.
Being conscious of the sector it works in, Yavuz Biyomedikal creates alternatives in order to offer optimum solutions to its customers in imported products. Among the services that Yavuz Biyomedikal provides to its customers regarding the products it sells, are the medical gas installation project drawing, the right material selection for the locations and the determination of alternative products, the training opportunities for the technical personnel related to the products it sells,offers its services to the technical service for the after-sales products both during and after the warranty period.Yavuz Biyomedikal sales engineers and representatives aim to present their years of experience to their customers.

Yavuz Biyomedikal has ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012, ISO 14001:2004 quality system certificates and CE product quality certificate. All of our products are released to the market after being degreased in accordance with ISO 15001 standard.
Yavuz Biyomedikal is the authorized dealer of Emesys Nurse Call Systems in Istanbul, maintenance and repair.

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Experienced staff brought by years of work in the sector

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